Infinite Expansion Foundation Raises $9250 for Their Liberal Arts Mentorship Program Supporting Their Communities at Risk Youth

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Please accept our deepest gratitude for your kindness, generosity and support for the Inaugural Annual Infinite Expansion Art Auction to support our Art Mentorship Program for At-Risk Youth. The foundation raised a total of $9250 with the support of talented artists who donated their gorgeous works of art; generous corporate partners and sponsors; and hard-working volunteers.

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The Infinite Expansion Foundation was created from our founder's personal experience of adversity. The ability to express yourself is fundamental in the development of self-awareness and self-love. Our goal is to provide youth with the tools, environment, community and mentors with lived experience to facilitate their growth towards their true selves in the face of pressures at home, school and in their lives. Our flagship program is the Art Mentorship Program for at–risk youth. Our vision is to provide a safe space for youth to socialize after school and express through work experience, life skills such as time management, money management, fitness, visual art, music, poetry, dance and yoga.

Infinite Expansion Foundation would like to thank Partners: Luke Eddie Stripp Original Artworks, and Freda Lombard of Zealous Art. We would also like to thank our sponsors and benefactors for their support: Bonetti's, Friendz Leggings and Apparel, Gorilla Moving Company,, IGC Token, LRC Group, Midnight Maneuvers, Non-Judgemental Recovery, Pacific Garage Solutions, Kooben Cafe, Paul Toor, Raj Parmar, Richard Donors Kingston’s Jeweler’s, RSL Enterprises, Shooters Liquor Store, Sim Sahota and Winchester securities. The artists and donors were Ashley Sambroski, Steve Elliot, Carlos Garoz, Danielle Swift, Dena Jones, Diana Young, Elizabeth cross, Freda Lombard, Jesse Sokol, Kayleigh Jones, Lisa Wolfin, Luke Eddie Stripp, Councillor Rosemary Wallace, Shenese Griffin, Teri shack, Ron Legault, Tina Truong and Mayor Val van den Broek.

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We appreciate Mayor Val van den Broek, Councillor Rosemary Wallace and MLA Megan Dykeman for their participation and support throughout the event.

The Infinite Expansion Foundation would like to acknowledge a $2000 usd pledge from Ihunt4 is an exciting global treasure hunt that helps to support local businesses by providing fun free treasure hunts. "A huge thank you to the iHunt4 treasure hunt community for donating the funds. The donation will go a long way with supporting at-rish youth" mentioned Augustino Duminuco

Although the art has been auctioned off, we will graciously accept your donations, sponsorship, partnership and volunteer efforts. We have much work to do to empower at-risk youth to be their best self.

Board Members & Volunteers

A very special thank you to our amazing board members and volunteers: Freda Lombard,Anna Lung, Brandon Kirk, Tiffany Daniel, Lori Garrison, Cezar Bestea, Tina Truong, Janis Dawn Swaine, and Treana Pybus.

About Infinite Expansion Foundation

Our vision is to create a safe space free from judgment and provide the necessary tools to allow kids to find their own method of self-expression. Our team of intellectuals, artisans, and mentors (who have followed the "wrong path", learned their lessons, and are now living their dream lives) share their knowledge to inspire youth to find their true expression through healthy activities and hobbies to redirect addictive and destructive behaviours.


  • Prevent addiction, crime and violence through connection, self-expression, and inspiration.

  • Provide a safe space that inspires connection with peers and mentors.

  • Positive role models equip our participants with tools to realize their dreams.

All proceeds from this auction will fund the Arts Program for at-risk youth.

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