Indian Influencer Trying To Make Her Way in the Australian Beauty Industry

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You are capable of doing anything you set your mind to. "Tell us something we don't know," you're probably thinking. People who believe in their dreams, on the other hand, are the only ones who are able to make them a reality. Today we have Ashima Swami's remarkable tale, who is now aiming to make a name for herself in the Australian beauty industry.

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Ashima swami is an Indian Model, professional dancer and social media influencer. She did her schooling at Auckland house school in Shimla. She was very fond of taking part in school functions and dramas. Without realising the fact that one day her hobbies would open so many doors of opportunity for her. She has always been really good at the art of projection due to which she was able to collaborate with a lot of brands. Her professional career in the music industry started when she was studying in college and pursuing her Bachelors in Communication from Amity University. She started getting approached for modelling projects because of her charming looks.

During that time She did a lot of photoshoots with very famous photographers and brands. Her ability to act and dance well in front of the camera has got her featured as a lead actress in the music videos of Tseries and Times music. She has always been fond of singing, acting and dancing and is really proud of herself for converting her passion into a profession.

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Ashima is now residing in Australia. She moved to Australia in 2017 to pursue her Masters in Public Relations. On being asked how difficult it was for her to settle in a new country with a completely different culture, she said that it was not as hard as I thought it would be, as Australia is a really welcoming country.

People are very warm and sweet here. I am just so glad to be in a country where I have seen the culture of women supporting other women. She is now planning to enter the beauty & makeup industry in Australia. She picked her passion above others because she has always loved makeup and is eager to learn more about how to maintain a good skin routine. She spends a lot of time on the internet reading about the beauty industry, such as what ingredients are beneficial for the skin and what isn’t, and how real products are manufactured.

With all the experience and knowledge she has gained by reading, she is planning to launch her own cosmetic business someday when the odds are in her favour. We can’t wait for this to come true for her!

Ashima has over 31k followers on her Instagram. As of now, she is sharing her knowledge with the world by making informative content through reels on Instagram.

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