Incredibles 2 trailer finds Mr Incredible juggling child care

Ben Arnold

A new peek at Incredibles 2 has landed, and this time, Mr Incredible is left holding the baby.

That baby, of course, is Jack-Jack, who as well as being a regular baby is also hurling in some pretty unpredictable super powers into the usual feeding and nappy changing routine.

Picking up after the first movie, we find that the business of superhero-ing is now illegal, and the Parr family is living a – relatively – normal existence.

That’s until ‘a tycoon’, Bob Odenkirk’s telecoms mastermind Winston Deavor, comes on the scene, a man enamoured with supers and keen to bring them back into the fold.

Holly Hunter’s Helen Parr – aka Elastigirl – is the one to take on this task, leaving Bob Parr to pick up the domestic slack.

There are also roles for Catherine Keener as Deavor’s sister Evelyn, Sophia Bush as new super Voyd, Samuel L. Jackson reprising Frozone, and the unforgettable Edna Mode (voiced by director Brad Bird) who arrives to help Mr Incredible out of a tight spot.

She also gets the trailer-stealing line: “When done properly, parenting is a heroic act. Done properly.”

Also starring Sarah Vowell and Huck Milner as Voilet and Dash, Incredibles 2 is out on June 13.

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