What is it illegal to wear in parliament? The Weekend quiz

Thomas Eaton
Photograph: Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images

1 Who lives in Villa Villekulla with her monkey and a horse?
2 What is it illegal to wear in parliament?
3 Which animal’s dung is known as spraint?
4 Ethelbert of Kent was the first English king to do what?
5 Which archaic human was discovered by the Düssel River?
6 What began on 2 November, 1982 with TNEMARHIB?
7 Which band are named after Linda from the Manson family?
8 Dresden is a suburb of which English city?
What links
9 White Clay Creek Park, Delaware and Brown’s Hill, West Virginia?
10 Cerberus; Orthrus; Ladon; Chimera; Hydra?
11 Railway guides; Leviathan; Eboracum; taekwondo queen?
12 Vava; Pelé; Breitner; Zidane?
13 Annuitymatures; doctor’s fee; bank error; birthday?
14 Port wine; bride; Ant; UK motorists?
15 Amenhotep IV; Gandhi; Columbus; Einstein; Disney?

Who lives in Villa Villekulla with her monkey and a horse? Photograph: AlexTurton/Getty Images

The answers

1 Pippi Longstocking.
2 Armour (under a 1313 statute).
3 Otter.
4 Convert to Christianity (c. 600 AD).
5 Neanderthal.
6 Countdown (first letters round).
7 Kasabian.
8 Stoke-on-Trent.
9 Mason-Dixon Line (start and finish of the original survey line).
10 Multi-headed creatures in Greek myth.
11 Sex And The City leads: (by George/Carrie) Bradshaw; (author Thomas/Miranda) Hobbes; (Roman name/Charlotte) York; (Jade/Samantha) Jones.
12 Scored in two Fifa World Cup finals.
13 Community Chest cards in Monopoly.
14 Left: passed to; at alter, traditionally; Ant McPartlin stands on viewers’ left; drive on.
15 Subjects of operas by Philip Glass: Akhnaten; Satyagraha; The Voyage; Einstein on the Beach; The Perfect American.