Ike Barinholtz’s Suicide Squad Character Is ‘A Very Troubled Human Being’

Even though we’ve now been privy to its rather magnificent trailer, there are still a few mysteries surrounding ‘Suicide Squad’, especially when it comes to Ike Barinholtz’s character.

The biggest rumour so far regarding Barinholtz’s role in ‘Suicide Squad’ is that he will be playing diabolical scientist Huge Strange, one of Batman’s first adversaries who even predates the Joker.

As you’d expect, during his recent chat with Zap2it to promote the returning ‘Mindy Project’, Barinholtz didn’t reveal who he’ll be playing in the blockbuster, but he did give us a few more titbits regarding his character.

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“I can tell you my character in [‘Suicide Squad’] is someone you would not want at your house for dinner. He’s a very troubled human being,” Barinholtz explained.

However, while we’re all currently wracking our brains trying to figure out who he could possibly be portraying, the comedic actor admitted that we probably won’t have to wait too much longer to find out.

That’s because Barinholtz expects the cat to be out of the bag “by the time the next trailer comes out.” Hopefully at that point we’ll learn who Common, Scott Eastwood, and Jim Parrack are playing also, because their parts are yet to be confirmed too.

Unfortunately, as ‘Suicide Squad’ is still just over 11 months away we will probably have to wait until the turn of the year for that to happen.

Barinholtz, whose mother, Peggy Barinholtz, is good friends with ‘Suicide Squad’ comics writer John Ostrander, also chatted about how funny each of the cast are and he insisted that in amongst the film’s exploration of the “disturbed part of society” there will be moments that “will actually make people laugh.”

Barinholtz is well equipped to bring the funny, having excelled in his role in ‘The Mindy Project’ over the last three seasons, while he’s also lit up the likes of ‘Eastbound & Down’, and ‘Neighbors’ too. We can expect him to do exactly the same when ‘Suicide Squad’ is finally released on August 5, 2016.

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