Ideal travel destinations for each Chinese zodiac in 2018

Ideal travel destinations for each Chinese zodiac in 2018 (Photos: Reuters/Getty Images/Travel + Leisure)

While annual Chinese zodiac predictions usually give insights to career, wealth, health and love for the year, we’re stepping in to give predictions for one of Singaporeans’ favourite pastimes — travel.

Hong Kong Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology consultant Master Kelvin Poon has teamed up with travel accommodations site to suggest highly-recommended places you should take a break, in accordance with your respective Chinese zodiacs. In a recent media release, they also included the most auspicious periods for travel.


Travel destination: South Korea

Travel periods: April, August and December

Remarks from Poon: “You will encounter the unlucky Hui Qi star this year. Try booking nicer hotels to avoid negative energy.”


Travel destinations: Beijing, Harbin, Russia

Travel periods: June, July and August

Remarks from Poon: “You will have above-average luck this year. Consider boosting your luck further by heading north.”


Travel destination: Thailand and Da Nang, Vietnam

Travel period: June

Remarks from Poon: “As you will have a good chance of getting a promotion this year, plan your celebration in advance by picking a resort destination.”


Travel destinations: Central Europe and Dubai

Travel periods: March and October

Remarks from Poon: “Your Zodiac is in union with Tai Sui (presiding God of the Year), meaning you will likely meet a benefactor this year who will give you a hand when you encounter challenges.”


Travel destinations: European countries such as Italy and France

Travel periods: April and October

Remarks from Poon: “Your wealth will be impacted as your Zodiac clashes with Tai Sui (presiding God of the Year), so be sure to spend money only on the things you love over the ones you don’t.”


Travel destination: Maldives

Travel period: May

Remarks from Poon: “Hong Luan (Lucky Star) shines upon your Zodiac this year and you will have a great year with your partner. Why not consider going somewhere romantic?”


Travel destination: Australia

Travel periods: February and October

Remarks from Poon: “Thanks to the Lucky Star, you have the best luck in wealth this year so be sure to splurge on yourself.”


Travel destinations: Switzerland and Canada

Travel periods: November and December

Remarks from Poon: “Calamities will turn into blessings this year, thanks to the protection of a lucky star. Consider trying extreme sports or other outdoor activities during your vacation.”


Travel destinations: Phuket and Bali

Travel periods: April and December

Remarks from Poon: “You will be more prone to emotional fluctuations this year, so be sure to seek crowded places that might cheer yourself up.”


Travel destinations: Tokyo and Taiwan

Travel periods: February, March and April

Remarks from Poon: “It doesn’t have to be a mediocre year for you. Boost your luck by travelling east.”


Travel destinations: Taiwan, Sanya and Vietnam

Travel periods: April, September and October

Remarks from Poon: “It’s best to take all of your holidays – including short-haul trips – abroad since your zodiac offends the Tai Sui (presiding God of the Year).”

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