Make your ideal Starfield character now with this impressive build planner


Starfield is still several days away from release, but you can already create your ideal character thanks to a new build planner.

With 1,000 planets to explore and systems that are there to set you up for 500 hours of roleplay, there's a lot to do in Starfield. As such, you might not want to be lingering in the character creation menus too long, but with a host of choices to make regarding their background and stats, you'll want to consider your options carefully.

Thankfully, there's now a build planner by Nukes & Dragons that lets you mull over your character's progression path without eating into precious gameplay time. First off, the planner lets you select a backstory for your protagonist, a history that helps define who they are and gives them depth.

You can then start allocating skill points into various categories, including Physical, Social, Combat, Science and Tech, each of which has a plethora of subcategories. For instance, Physical lets you put points into Fitness so you have 10% more oxygen available or, provided you're at the appropriate level, Cellular Regeneration for a slightly increased chance to recover from injuries naturally. You can also add further points to these to increase their effectiveness.

Lastly, you can choose up to three traits, which come with their own unique perks and drawbacks. Among the options available is Dream Home, which lets you own a luxurious house on a peaceful planet but comes with a hefty 125,000 credit mortgage that must be paid. There's also Hero Worshipped, which sees Oblivion's infamous Adoring Fan, voiced once again by the brilliant Craig Sechler, follow you around and "jabber at you incessantly" but also shower you with gifts.

It's worth noting that the build planner is currently a work in progress and is "based on the currently available information that may be incorrect or incomplete." As such, some details here could be different from what we see in the final game.

Starfield finally arrives next week on September 6 and looks to be set up for success. It's currently sitting at the top of Steam's top-seller charts in the US after managing to overtake fellow RPG heavyweight Baldur's Gate 3. Those who've pre-ordered the Starfield Premium Edition or Constellation Edition can play from September 1 via the Starfield early access system.

Elsewhere, Starfield has New Game+ but with "a unique and exciting twist".