Hyundai unveils first image of '45' concept

Hyundai '45'

South Korean manufacturer Hyundai has just given us a first glimpse of its new all-electric 45 concept. It will be  shown at the next International Motor Show Germany, which will take place in Frankfurt from September 12 to 22.

In a surprising twist, the upcoming model, which is decidedly futuristic under the hood, has an exterior design directly inspired by the manufacturer's 1970s models. One clear resemblance is with the 1975 Pony.

Hyundai will also be showing another 100% electric concept based on its 'Style Set Free' concept design, which it presented at the last CES in Las Vegas. It's believed that buyers will be able to fully customize the car's interior.

The 68th International Motor Show Germany, Frankfurt, September 12 to 22, 2019, Web site: