Hybrid weddings: Is this the new trend for wedding industry?

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Hybrid weddings: Is this the new trend for wedding industry?
Hybrid weddings: Is this the new trend for wedding industry?

19 Sep 2021: Hybrid weddings: Is this the new trend for wedding industry?

Indians spend almost 20% of their wealth on wedding ceremonies and the entire industry has a valuation of over $50 billion. But given the circumstances brought over by COVID-19, where weddings are getting canceled or postponed, couples are opting for hybrid weddings. With a combination of in-person and virtual elements, hybrid weddings might become permanent, because coronavirus isn't going away anytime soon. Let's explore.

Details: 'Safety' the 'most important' factor behind the boom

According to Anam Zubair, associate director (marketing), WeddingWire (attached to The Knot Worldwide), "safety" is the "most important" factor behind the boom of this trend. "It allows couples to host their wedding in a safe and secure manner without compromising on the overall guest list," added Zubair. And, with the third wave expected to hit soon, this system will gain more prominence, feel experts.

Observation: Live streaming the event, without glitches, is a challenge

While hybrid weddings sound easy, wedding planners and organizers have an onerous task at hand: To live stream the event with high-quality audio and visual experience and that too without glitches. The virtual event may be boring for the guests at times; to spice it up, planners often include things like online food delivery, gift hampers, etc. Also, pre-wedding shopping is an important consideration.

Perks: Intimate, hybrid weddings being favored by millennial brides and grooms

Planners say conducting hybrid weddings is difficult, but it might become a more or less permanent set-up going forward. And, the prime reason behind this is finances. "The idea of intimate and hybrid weddings is being favored as more economical and safer by millennial brides and grooms, especially after the pandemic," says Anand Shahani, co-founder-CEO, WedMeGood, an Indian wedding planning website and app.

Fact: Here's how hybrid weddings help save money

To elaborate, food, accommodation, travel facilities, event organizers' payment, and other miscellaneous stuff may cost you lakhs to crores, depending on the expanse of your wedding ceremony. Many exhaust their savings to fund their wedding. So, hybrid weddings help one save up on that part.

Trend: Paper cards are getting replaced with e-wedding invitations

Another shift from the tradition that complements hybrid weddings is e-wedding invitations. Apps like Canva help you create a beautiful and personalized card that you can send to your guests. In fact, young couples nowadays prefer this over those thick paper invite cards, and there's a 62% decline seen for the latter, said WeddingWire. So, COVID-19 or no, hybrid weddings are here to stay!

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