Hustlers director working on potential Broadway adaptation

Hustlers director working on potential Broadway adaptation

Hustlers director Lorene Scafaria has set her sights on Broadway by developing a theatre adaptation of Jennifer Lopez's hit stripper drama.

The movie, about a real-life group of exotic dancers who con their wealthy broker clients, has won its star J.Lo critical acclaim, and now her filmmaker pal is hoping to replicate that success on stage.

"We're just starting," Scafaria told Variety about the new project. "I said it to them (producers) a few months ago that I thought it would be a good idea, that's all. Who knows? I'm trying to develop it for the stage!"

The director was pleasantly surprised to learn the movie had appealed to a wide variety of audiences, and that's one of the main reasons why she believes Hustlers would work as a theatre production.

"We had a lot of different kinds of people turning out for Hustlers, it was a wider net than I imagined," she shared.

"I think it's a safe place... for people to enjoy something that maybe they wouldn't enjoy, and maybe they'll get inspired to go to an actual strip club and support the girls."

And Scafaria already has the backing of Lopez, who helped produce the film, for the stage show.

The actress/singer previously told U.S. news show Extra, "It really lends itself to a Broadway show, and to a live-performance show."

However, the 50 year old, who plays the strippers' ringleader Ramona, was hesitant about whether she would take on the lead role onstage for her Broadway debut.

"I don't know that I would do it," Lopez said. "I would produce it, for sure. I don't know. Maybe. You never know with me."

Hustlers also stars Constance Wu, Keke Palmer, Julia Stiles, and Cardi B, and is based on a New York Magazine article about the stripper scam, which went viral in 2015.

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