Husband Holds Hand of Nurse Wife in Uniform in Public To Show Support

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It can be an extremely trying time for those working in the frontline during this critical period, in face of the coronavirus. Healthcare workers such as doctors and nurses; paramedics who might have to work round the clock for days, without getting to see their family members; and other unsung heroes we might not stop to think about. 

These professionals put their lives on the line to protect ours

And perhaps the only thing they need after a long day of work is to have some breathing space for themselves.

But not literally, like what this nurse had experienced in the train. 

Shunned By People On Train 

She was given “quite a bit of space on the train”, according to husband Abraham Yeo, who shared about his wife’s experience on Facebook. 

It wasn’t a complaint on her part, but rather, a worry. A worry that stems from her “thoughtful and considerate” nature, according to Yeo, who is also the co-founder of Homeless Hearts of Singapore. 

It can be understandable that in times of crisis, people do experience greater feelings of anxiousness. 

But in those moments, Yeo’s wife still puts others first.

Having thought that being in her nurse uniform would spark greater feelings of anxiety, she even considered “changing into her home clothes before she boards the train,” wrote Yeo.

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To those who are fearful of being in close contact with these frontline professionals, Yeo thinks that it is a mindless worry.

“Look, let’s not be fools. Nurses and doctors take much more careful precautions about hygiene, and wash their hands much more. It’s their own health on the line – and the least we can do is to honour and love them and find ways to support them.”

Walking The Talk: Husband Holds Hand of Nurse Wife

In supporting his wife, Yeo does the sweetest thing ever—by holding his wife’s hand more in public, and drawing her closer to him especially when she is in her uniform. 

“Because she’s a NURSE and I am SO PROUD OF HER”.

Husband Holds Hand of Nurse Wife. He wrote: “The nurse uniform should be something to be proud and respected and admired in public – especially during such a time as this.” | Photo: Yeo Yeu Ann / Facebook

Yeo mentioned that his wife even spends time to visit the homeless to check on their health and educate them.

All he wants is to be a source of support and encouragement to his wife, and Yeo hopes that others can also do the same for their significant other who are fellow nurses and doctors. 

“Hold their hands in public, affirm them, help them with whatever chores they have, buy them coffee, or just spend a good time over a delicious meal. Pray with them too!”

You can view Yeo’s full post here.

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