Human faeces terrorising Japanese commuters, one station at a time

Is there a serial train station pooper going around Japan? Photo: Pixabay

While Singapore has its cases of people defecating in public, it seems even spick-and-span Japan has some shi**y business to deal with, too. Earlier this year, in April, Shibuya Station – one of the busiest train stations in Japan – was found dotted with dozens of human turds.

More recently, a similar incident happened again, this time at Shinjuku Station.

The station is a major railway interchange that is home to multiple railway lines, both publicly- and privately-owned, on the land and underground. Shinjuku is known for its food, for being a red light district, or as part of a movie title – but is not exactly associated with human faeces.

However, earlier this month, Japanese commuters were proven wrong in this regard, as they were greeted by the horrifying sight of a 30-metre long stretch of human poo, smeared on the floor outside the station’s toilets. Before we start speculating how that happened (e.g. was it a large single turd spread thinly over a distance, or many small ones?), we gathered some of the grievances affected commuters had.

“Stepped on poo at Shinjuku Station.”

“Shinjuku Station smells like sh*t.”

“There is a lot of human poo at Shinjuku Station. It is so smelly.”

“Oi, who is the one who pooped along the underground walkway!”

Others said: “Was it 30m of sh*t at Shinjuku station? I saw about 50m.” “It is a human faeces terrorism at Shinjuku Station.” “What is happening at Shinjuku Station…”

While the culprit – and for that matter, the process – has yet to be determined, there is the possibility that this could be a new form of terrorism. Perhaps, but all we can do is to stay vigilant and watch out for these “land mines” when we travel to Tokyo.