Hu Ge asks fans to return money from crowdfunding project

15 Nov – Chinese actor Hu Ge has recently asked his fans to return donations made on his name, saying that it was against his principle.

As reported on HK01, the donations in this case refers to a crowdfunding project by Hu's fan club, Gu Yue Ge Qian, which was established in July to help support his new movie, "The Wild Goose Lake" that will be released on 6 December.

Ran on two stages, the first stage required an amount of RMB 168,000 to fund premiere screenings across China for Hu's fans, while the second stage needed RMB 520,000 to sponsor tickets and merchandise for fan events.

However, after hearing about the crowdfunding project and its success in accumulating about RMB 840,000; Hu personally requested that the donations be returned.

In his statement, the actor expressed, "My relationship with the fans are boundless, and money cannot be used as a measure. Being with one another is the best way. I hope that we can go along together for a long time."

Hu also stated that he didn't find out about the donations until recently, and that while he is happy with the support, it is against his principle to accept gifts from fans.

He added that whether his movie is good or not, it should be his responsibility, and not the fans.

(Photo Source: Epoch Times)