Hu Ge's camp denies romance rumour

14 Sep - Representative of Chinese actor Hu Ge's management company recently dismissed rumours that he is currently in a relationship.

According to Tencent, rumours of a new romance in Hu Ge's life sparked recently, after paparazzi caught the actor on video - personally opening the door of his Beijing home to a mysterious woman.

The two of them reportedly spent five hours together before she left some time in the wee hours of the morning. The woman also quickly shielded her face from view upon realising the presence of paparazzi.

However, when asked about it recently, Hu Ge's camp dismissed the idea that the "Nirvana in Fire" actor is dating anybody, saying that it was just a friendly meeting between Hu and his friend, of whom he hasn't seen since he started his studies in America.

"Please do not be too concerned about his private life, thank you," the rep added.

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