How to wear 2013’s trends right

Erica Paredes, Hippie In High Heels

The true fashionista will want to know and prepare for next season's trends, which we saw all over the runways. Here are some of the exciting and eclectic styles for Spring/Summer 2013.

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Make it blue and flowy. Water is a big inspiration for many designers for 2013, whether it's through color choice, draping, cut outs, and even actual photo prints of water and beach scenes. Look forward to a lot of blues in every shade imaginable, and light, flowy dresses to match.
Show off (a piece of) your midriff. Baring your belly may seem like a scary and inappropriate thing to do after the age of 25, but the new styles don't bare all. Instead, you will find cute high-waisted skirts and cropped pants, paired with “just a tad short” tops, exposing only a smidgen of your midriff.

Wear stripes of all kinds. Stripes are back again for 2013, as they appear in different ways—vertical, diagonal, horizontal, you name it! Keep your lines from getting boring by sporting varied amounts of thickness and color to keep it fun and interesting.
Flaunt 50 shades of leather. Blame it on the bestseller “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Leather and S&M-inspired pieces will be hot next year: leather in all colors and dresses with and harnesses and leather. It's important to note though that the hard material will be paired up with the most girly fabrics such as lace and chiffon to balance out the edge.
Keep cool with sexy sheers. Sheers are the perfect choice for the summer season as they can look sophisticated, yet will let you breathe at the same time. Showing patches of skin in strategic places is definitely sexier than baring it all.

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