How Busy Women Make Time To Exercise

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Being busy is probably our most common reason—or excuse—for not working out. But some of the most productive women we know are also the sexiest—and that’s probably because they make fitness a priority. Here’s how they make time for exercise:

Find activities you love
Says beauty queen Janine Tugonon, “There’s always time for everything, basta you put your mind into it. Impossibleng kahit isang oras or 30 minutes lang in a day hindi ka makakahanap ng time para mag-workout. Naka-mindset sa utak mo na, ‘I want to be healthy,’ ‘I want to keep my body fit.’ Kahit pagod na ako, I still find time to work out.” Her motivation? “Do something you love para hindi ka tamarin, Since I’m a ballerina, I do ballet at home, I jog, I play badminton.”

Set a goal

Karrots Nazareno, toned host of Live, Love, Lolz on NFM Network TV, shares, “The trick is to have self imposed goals like ‘I want to look good in a bikini,’ or ‘I want nice arms.’ Self imposed—meaning you will only be cheating yourself in the process. My goal was, and still is, just to get fitness in my life. The battle is really in getting to class. This is when half of your brain speaks to you loudest and says ‘Noooo. Go back to bed.’ But I’ve forged on.”

Meanwhile, Myrza Sison, Editorial Director of Cosmopolitan and Summit Media, had a more specific goal in mind: losing 20 pounds in time for Cosmopolitan's 15th anniversary last May. The former model shares, “The same 20 pounds I had slowly gained since we launched Cosmo 15 years ago! Late last year, I started doing Pilates religiously again (thrice a week), alternating it with cardio (thrice a week), and saw a noticeable change in my muscle tone and I seemed to have gained a leaner physique.”

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My Fitness Pal
Downloading the My Fitness Pal calorie counter app also really helped monitor Myrza’s food intake and avoid eating mindlessly. “Since I started using it daily—and honestly!— my body fat percentage went down, my muscle tone improved overall, and I lost inches even if I didn’t lose pounds. Only a combination of diet, cardio, and a weight-bearing exercise like Pilates can keep me in shape. If I slack off on either of the three, I start gaining weight again!”

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Dedicate a regular time slot for fitness

Though working out in the morning is best, what’s really important is being able to set a regular schedule for fitness so your body craves for it everyday. Says TV personality and host Suzi Abrera, “We are all busy. Working moms even more so! But I make sure I schedule my workout together with the other things I need to do. Besides, exercising gives me a boost of extra energy and helps me maximize my day.” Suzi’s svelte secret consists of a balanced diet and exercise. “I do barre3 (a combination of Pilates, yoga, and ballet) three times a week. I also run once a week. Once in a while, I also go on the spinner bike for about half an hour.”

Shares sexy celebrity Lovi Poe, “Most of the time, I start my day with a workout. Before shooting, I wake up earlier and run for 30 minutes.”

Meanwhile, teleserye star Marian Rivera admits, “Pag sobrang busy, wala talaga.” But she tries to work out when she can, “Kung kaya, everyday.” Her workout of choice? “Zumba!”

To maintain her jaw-dropping body, Solenn Heussaff wakes at dawn to hit the gym. “Kahit I end late at work, I force myself to wake up early in the morning, like 5:30 AM [before taping]. Then I sleep during breaks at taping.” Solenn’s routine varies, from running, swimming, and yoga, to her current obsession, plyometrics. “You have to mix it up kase we have muscle memory—kahit you do three hours of the same thing everyday, it won’t do any difference, so you need to alternate your sport.”

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Don’t Get Lazy!
Shares pop star Yeng Constantino, “Kailangan mo talaga siyang kusain. Desisyon siya eh. Sobrang tamad ako. Kung meron akong oras sa morning, tatawagan ko yung trainer ko tapos pupunta ako sa gym. Siya yung nagbibigay ng exercises ko. Bago ako magtrabaho, dapat mag-exercise na ako.”

Workouts That Work

Shares Karrots, “Yes we are busy; that’s why I love efficient workouts that work as much body parts as possible, with maximum effort in a sensible amount of time.” She attends a 90-minute Bikram Yoga beginners class five times a week, “in a heated like a low grade fever and not the 6th circle of Hell—though at times we do feel that way. You sweat BUCKETS. You lose inches. You build tolerance and patience for your yoga and your life.”