How to look 'forever young' without going under the knife

Erica Paredes

Everybody wants to stay young forever. If this weren’t so, then there wouldn't be an abundance of anti-aging creams, oils, serums, and pills. Aging gracefully is something we all aspire for but, at the same time, we wish to delay it for as long as possible. Before you book an appointment with the nearest plastic surgeon or do anything drastic, remember that the worst thing that could happen to you is end up looking like you are trying way too hard to look young. While it's great to be youthful for your age, try not to turn back time by 25 years and go overboard on the frosted blue eye shadow. If you're already in your 50s and insist on wearing a and a sequined micro-mini, you'll definitely give a wrong impression. So, here are a few simple and natural ways to looking younger.

Stay away from sparkle. If you are starting to see the first signs of wrinkles, stop wearing frosted or shimmer eye shadow, blush, or powder. The shine in these pigments will actual make your fine lines more obvious. Leave the glitter to the twenty-somethings and graduate to a more sophisticated combination of dewy and matte.

Grow out your eyebrows. Thicker, more defined eyebrows make you look younger and also more sophisticated. Pencil-thin brows are a no-no as they age you, and even more so when they are obviously penciled in. As early as your thirties, keep your tweezers in your make-up kit and only use them to remove strays, not to re-shape to make brows thinner. You’ll regret it when you're older and the hair stops growing.

Dress appropriately.
No one has the right to tell anyone what to wear. But the older you get, the more you realize that the clothes you liked then aren’t necessarily what you like now. Suddenly, your mini skirts won't see the light of day anymore and you are embarrassed to even think about wearing your belly baring tops. That's perfectly fine. Getting older doesn’t mean being boring. If you are naturally stylish, find a new look that suits you at this time in your life, and more importantly, that you feel comfortable in.

Block out black.
Long, straight jet black hair looks really attractive on young women. However, the older you get, the more black will age you even more. The darkest brown shade might look better and soften your features more. Your hair also ages so be more war of using too much product or over-processing your hair.

Give up tanning. In general, tanning isn't really good for you. But try telling that to a college student heading to Boracay for Easter weekend. Although tanning should be given up way before you get older, it is even more important for you to avoid staying out in the sun for long periods of time. If you go to the beach, stay in the shade and slather on the sunscreen. Tanning may give you that bronzed skin, but it also causes sun damages and wrinkles.