How To Feel Empowered, Again

Maui V. Reyes for Yahoo! Southeast Asia
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No doubt there have been times when you've felt like you're at your lowest. It could be right after losing a pitch at work, or the days that follow a breakup. And while good-meaning friends constantly tell you that it's not the end of the world, well, you're pretty much convinced that yes, your world is crumbling, and you'd much rather spend it under the sheets with a pint of Rocky Road.

The thing is, you're stronger and better than what you're feeling now. While you don't exactly feel like Ms. Sunshine, the tools needed to get out of that funk can't be found in that tub of ice cream: it's actually in you.

We asked life coach Kimi Lu what's the best way to get ourselves out of a rut. Her advice? Reflect and do some realizations. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to get you started:

Have you ever felt empowered? There must have been one point in your life when you felt like superwoman. Rewind to that time: was it when you got your first job, delivered an awesome presentation, or maybe when you kicked ass in basketball? Think back at what the situation was, and what you did to get there.

How good did you feel? Try to remember how it felt during that time. Did you have butterflies in your stomach? Did you feel like you could move mountains if you wanted to? Mark that feeling on a scale of one to ten, and try to think, "How can I feel this way again?"

Ask yourself: How do I get that feeling back? You felt empowered once—you can totally feel it again! The thing is, you're in control of your own emotions, so you can get back to that spot if you really, really wanted to. So list down the (realistic!) steps you think you'll need to do to get there again!

Stick to the plan. As Coldplay sang, nobody said it was easy: and you'll definitely encounter some bumps in the road. So part of your game plan should be how to maintain these steps. It's easy to fall off the wagon when the going gets tough—and believe us, there will be a lot of potholes! Stay focused and stick with the steps you laid out.

Look at the future. How do you see yourself in a year after you've accomplished the steps you laid out? Will you be ten times happier, or still in a rut? Sometimes, looking at the future and how this awful feeling will pass should make you want to work even harder at being happier and more empowered.

Still feel like wallowing? Cry for five minutes and then stick your chin up: this is only a low point in your life. There are many more highs to encounter. Besides—there's no other way to go but up!

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