'How to Build a Girl': Beanie Feldstein and Caitlin Moran discuss 'Me Too movie' sequel (exclusive)

Tom Beasley

Beanie Feldstein would love to return for the sequel to How To Build a Girl and writer Caitlin Moran is keen to make a “Me Too movie” in adapting her follow-up novel.

Moran released sequel How To Be Famous in 2018, which is the second part in a planned trilogy of novels about teenager Johanna Morrigan and her career as music journalist Dolly Wilde.

Beanie Feldstein plays Johanna, who was inspired by Moran’s own upbringing in the West Midlands.

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The writer said she has her “fingers crossed” that the movie version of How To Build a Girl will do well enough to justify making the sequel.

Beanie Feldstein goes from Johanna to Dolly Wilde in 'How To Build a Girl'. (Credit: Lionsgate)

“That's the Me Too movie,” she told Yahoo Movies UK. “The plot of that is basically about Me Too and, halfway through writing it, the Me Too movement exploded worldwide.

“I would love to make the scene where she finally confronts her sexual harasser. I think Beanie would rip the arse out of that.”

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Feldstein adopted a Black Country accent to play the role of Johanna, having worked in a Wolverhampton gift shop in order to get it just right.

The 27-year-old actor said she wouldn’t allow herself to read the sequel novel until she had finished filming the first movie.

Beanie Feldstein as Johanna Morrigan in 'How To Build a Girl'. (Credit: Lionsgate)

“As part of my wrap gift, Caitlin signed a copy for me and I read it on the plane ride home,” said the star.

Feldstein added: “It is a wild ride, so I would love to put the wig back on, put the accent back on and give her another go.

“I love the character so much and she means a lot to me, so it would be a joy for sure.”

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The film also features Alfie Allen, Paddy Considine, Sarah Solemani and cameos from stars including Sharon Horgan, Michael Sheen, Lily Allen and Mel Giedroyc — sister of director Coky Giedroyc.

How To Build a Girl is available via Amazon Prime Video from 24 July.