House Of The Dragon Teaser: Netizens Are Looking Forward to This Intimidating GOT Prequel After a Frustrating Game of Thrones Finale

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HBO just treated fans with House of the Dragon which is a prequel series to the Game of Thrones. The first footage from the teaser shows the ensemble cast. The HBO show is believed to be set hundreds of years before the events of Game of Thrones and fans have gone berserk reacting to the teaser of this upcoming series on Twitter. After a frustrating Game of Thrones finale, House of the Dragon seems a ray of hope as fans are Intimidated by the official teaser of the HBO production. Check out the fan's reaction below.

House Of The Dragon Teaser Twitter Reaction:

The Iron Throne Giving Fans Chills!

Dragon Missing!

Impressive Teaser!

An Intrigued Fan!


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