These Hotels Are Stepping Up Their Snack Game Beyond the Minibar

Hotels around the world are getting serious about grab-and-go treats.

<p>Courtesy of Ellerman House</p> The pantry at Ellerman House, in Cape Town.

Courtesy of Ellerman House

The pantry at Ellerman House, in Cape Town.

We’ve all been there: jet-lagged, wide awake late at night, and hungry, like I was in Japan not so long ago. Thankfully, I was staying at the Hoshinoya Tokyo, which counts among its amenities a tea lounge on every floor. I tiptoed down the hall and discovered a complimentary treasure trove of Japanese snacks: sesame rice crackers, fruit jellies, cakes flavored with matcha and red bean.

It was my haven — and not just for a late-night sugar hit. Throughout my stay, I’d pop in for a cup of tea, a pre-dinner cocktail, or some sweets. Beyond being a balm for my own insomnia, the indulgent nook was proof that the new “it” amenity isn’t just a well-curated minibar, but a full-on pantry open around the clock and free for the taking.

<p>Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel Boston</p> The "vault," located on each floor of Four Seasons Hotel Boston.

Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel Boston

The "vault," located on each floor of Four Seasons Hotel Boston.

Four Seasons Hotel, Boston

At the Four Seasons Hotel, Boston, each floor has a “vault” reminiscent of a movie-theater concession stand, with delights such as fountain drinks, popcorn, jelly beans, and boxes of Swedish Fish.

<p>Read McKendree/Courtesy of Blind Tiger</p> The cottage-core pantry at the Blind Tiger.

Read McKendree/Courtesy of Blind Tiger

The cottage-core pantry at the Blind Tiger.

Blind Tiger, Portland, Maine

The New England boutique hotel stocks its cottage-core pantry with bags of buffalo-ranch-flavored chips, Swedish almond cake, and fancy soda.

Bulgari Hotel, London

Smack in the middle of the lobby, the Bulgari’s sweets station is stocked with classics like gummy bears and marshmallows — plus intriguing candies like Bebeto fizzy watermelon wedges.

The Cloudveil, Jackson, Wyoming

Stations on every floor of The Cloudveil have slope-ready treats such as trail mix, snack bars, Miss Vickie’s chips, and chilled cans of LaCroix.

Singita Sabora Tented Camp, Tanzania

Many safari camps do snacks to go, but this particular Singita steps up from the standard with fresh fruits and veggie sticks sourced from a nearby farm cooperative, plus biltong, homemade nut candies, and chocolate bars from Afrikoa, which uses cocoa beans grown in-country.

Dunton Town House, Telluride, Colorado

The pantry at Dunton Town House is packed with chocolate from Boulder’s Chocolove, plus an impressive selection of wine from Sutcliffe Vineyards, beer from Telluride Brewing Co., and hard cider from Big B’s Colorado.

Ellerman House, Cape Town

This South Africa icon offers a rotating selection of cheesecakes and savory quiches, along with cold-pressed juices and, at Christmastime, a gingerbread house.

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