Honoured by Raju Srivastav, Kartik Sharma, an Upcoming Model is Talk of the Town

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Being a model seems exciting to a lot of youngsters but what they aren’t aware of is that apart from Ripped abs, long legs and chiselled jawline, there are a lot of other factors which combined together makes a successful model. The constant pressure of looking great in the eyes of paparazzi is always there and one needs to hit the bar every time they go out. Modelling is not a cakewalk and it definitely isn’t about all haute couture and jet-setting around the world going to glam parties.

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One needs to have an overall personality while it is also important to be comfortable around the lens. Kartik Sharma, a young model with his dedication and sincere efforts has made a name for himself in this star-studded glamour world.

This 20 year old model is an inspiration for all the upcoming young models who want to make it big in the industry. Hailing from Delhi, he has been very fond of style and fashion but he never thought that his love for style and his fashion sense would land him into the fashion industry.

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Due to his excellent modeling skills, Kartik has been able to get a lot of big projects. Currently he has collaborated with some of the key players in the industry for shoots and projects. Apart from this he was signed as the Official Model of Big Projects by the founder Purujit Singh. He will now be presenting his face via big projects in upcoming events. Purujit Singh, the founder of Big Projects has appreciated Karthik’s talent and is very positive about his skills and he believes Kartik will script his own success. The founder has even promised to guide the young lad for his Fashion Pageants and his future endeavors.

Speaking about his journey, Kartik Sharma said, “ I don’t fear hardships as they are a part of life, they make you strong. One needs to learn from their mistakes and keep on moving.”

This passionate young mode leaves no stones unturned for making it big. He is a gym freak and looks after his health. He believes in the power of mediation and it is his daily morning ritual. Kartik believes that the ups & downs which he faced during his journey has made him strong and has taught him some serious life lessons. He aims to keep on working and improve his skills. And, also believes in being mentally healthy as that’s the way one can achieve a great physique.

For his incredible modelling skills, he was honoured and awarded by the famous Stand-up Comedian, Raju Srivaststav. Apart from this, he has been successful in garnering a lot of appreciation across India for his talent and modeling abilities which gave him his breakthrough which he was seeking for. He has participated in some of the prestigious pageants which includes Mr & Mrs India International Star 2021 and Mr & Miss UP’s Top Model 2021-22.

With the amount of hard work Kartik puts in, one can surely say he has a bright future and a long way in this ever evolving industry.

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