Hong Kong drops restrictions on restaurants and pubs opening hours

Good news, just in time! In a week, Hong Kongers and travellers to the city will find themselves reunited with their favourite late-night spots in the city.

That’s because the government is set to remove limitations on the opening hours of restaurants. With the new Hong Kong COVID guidelines, bars and restaurants can remain open all hours from 3 November 2022.

Hong Kong relaxes COVID restrictions

Following the easing of gathering rules, the HKSAR government has announced these fresh relaxations in the city:

  1. The city will lift restrictions on the opening hours of restaurants and bars.

  2. The public barbecue pits will also reopen.

  3. Residents attending functions can remove their masks while taking photographs.

Hong Kong nightlife is all set to come alive again

(Image credit: Chi Lok Tsang/Unsplash)
(Image credit: Chi Lok Tsang/Unsplash)

However, there are still a few hoops to jump through: mask mandate, the cap on the number of restaurant guests, and vaccine pass stay in place. Staff and diners still need to wear a facemask, and sanitisation protocols will remain in restaurants. Under current regulations, restaurants must close their doors at midnight. Lifting COVID-19 restrictions in Hong Kong ahead of next month’s FIFA World Cup 2022, where many games kick off at 3am, is music to the ears. 

Live performances are now allowed in bars on the premise that performers conduct regular tests, wear masks, and keep a distance of at least 1.5m from the audience. Social distancing would still be an essential part of the relaxation of rules. 

Travellers must undergo a medical surveillance period before visiting restaurants

hong kong covid-19 guidelines restaurants bars nightlife
hong kong covid-19 guidelines restaurants bars nightlife


Until recently, visiting Hong Kong for global travellers and crypto traders meant quarantining in a hotel for three days. No more: After years of coronavirus closure, the Government announced that vaccinated Hong Kong-bound travellers would no longer need to quarantine upon arrival.

However, visitors must undergo three-day medical surveillance and take PCR tests upon landing. Visitors will also not be allowed to visit restaurants, pubs and many other public spots during the three-day medical surveillance period. Rules change regularly, so check the tourism board’s official website for the most up-to-date entry conditions.

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