Hong Kong Actress Cecilia Cheung Finally Reveals Her Youngest Son’s Face

Shreya Jagdish

Popular Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung has finally given us a sneak peek of her youngest son Marcus! 

In a short video uploaded to her Weibo account, the 39-year-old showed off her backpack that she designed for her own clothing label.

In the background of the video, fans spotted Marcus calling out for his dad. 

Avid fans are especially excited because, since his birth in 2018, Cecilia has not shared any photos of him on her social media accounts or revealed the identity of her son’s father. 

After the release of the video, many fans took to Weibo and started speculating that Cecilia might be living with Marcus’s father by commenting on the video post. 

This seems to have struck a nerve with Cecilia as shortly after she deleted the video. 

But don’t worry if you have not seen baby Marcus yet – because just yesterday, on the occasion of his first birthday Cecilia shared an adorable picture of her lifting up Marcus in the air.

cecilia cheung youngest son

Cecilia Cheung lifting up her youngest son |Source: Cecilia Cheung/Weibo

While this might not be the clearest picture, it is the best view of Marcus so far. 

Her two other sons Lucus Tse and Quintus Tse aged 12 and 9 years old who she had with ex-husband and actor Nicholas Tse have been often featured in her social media accounts

So there’s still some chance of seeing a picture of her adorable toddler.

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