'Homecoming': First trailer for Julia Roberts thriller

The star of "Pretty Woman" and "Erin Brockovich" leads this psychological thriller from the creator of "Mr. Robot," due November through Amazon Prime Video.

Have you ever forgotten something? Something big? That's the question asked by Julia Roberts' character in the debut trailer for "Homecoming," in which she plays a military psychologist hiding a terrible secret for herself.


Working in the Geist Group transitional facility, Heidi Bergman's job is to help military veterans ease back into civilian life.

But before long she herself is in a more regular waitressing job and being interviewed by an investigator from the Department of Defense.

That causes her to re-evaluate why she left Geist in the first place, and the truth is more disturbing that she at first believed.

Director Sam Esmail is especially well known for his involvement with "Mr. Robot," another series revolving around clandestine struggles and psychological issues, and "Homecoming" arrives a few weeks after the former series was confirmed to be finishing up in 2019.

This show, however, isn't an Esmail original creation -- instead, it's based on a hit two-season podcast of the same name, and one which leaned on the high-profile talents of Catherine Keener ("Being John Malkovich"), Oscar Isaac ("Star Wars" sequel trilogy), David Schwimmer ("The People v. O. J. Simpson") and others.

Distributed through Amazon Prime Video and co-starring Bobby Cannavale ("The Station Agent"), Shea Whigham ("Take Shelter"), Jeremy Allen White ("Shameless") and Alex Karpovsky ("Girls"), the debut ten-episode season of "Homecoming" arrives November 2, 2018.