'Home' review: Indrans is phenomenal in this relatable family drama

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21 Aug 2021: 'Home' review: Indrans is phenomenal in this relatable family drama

Amazon Prime Video is now streaming a beautiful Malayalam family drama, Home (presented as #Home). Directed by Rojin Thomas, the film is a simple and relatable tale having characters that exist in every household. It highlights several common factors such as the generation gap, technology-challenged elders, social media-related issues, father-son relationships, and mental health. And, actor Indrans is this movie's backbone. Here's our review.

About: A father buys smartphone to bond with his sons

Oliver Twist, who once owned a video cassette business, is now finding it difficult to change with time. The generation gap between him and his sons—especially the elder one who is a filmmaker—is giving him sleepless nights. After observing his surroundings, Twist decides to buy a smartphone and learn to use "Insternet and What Soap" (Instagram and WhatsApp). Will he be happy now?

Highlights: The movie talks about 'mobile addiction' and social media issues

Social media platforms were created to keep people connected, but the side effects can tarnish one's reputation. This is what happens when a technology-challenged Twist unknowingly goes live when his son is sharing his personal thoughts. The movie also highlights how elders like Twist are the prime targets of fake news and WhatsApp forwards, and how the youth are the victims of mobile addiction.

Performances: Director Thomas deserves a medal for casting fantastic actors

This movie couldn't have touched hearts if the cast was not phenomenal. Indrans as Twist delivers an extraordinary performance that makes you feel connected to his character. Sreenath Bhasi as Antony, the eldest son, is impressive, too. Although all the actors are amazing, special mentions go to Manju Pillai, who plays every typical mother, and Naslen K Gafoor (youngest son Charles), who is hilarious.

Verdict: Movie's duration could have been shorter, gets 3.5 stars

This light-hearted family drama also impresses with its dialogues, cinematography, and music. However, the duration could have been shorter, and also, a few scenes seemed stretched. And, Antony and his fiancee's relationship looked toxic, which is what the director might want to show, I am not sure. Overall, Home is a nice movie to watch with your family this weekend. Verdict: 3.5 stars.

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