Make work-from-home work for you with these products

·2-min read

As more and more countries return to lockdowns or stay-at-home orders, authorities worldwide are encouraging people to work from home. Here's a selection of items that will help you work comfortably and efficiently.

A quiet cabin in your garden

Are your kids or partner too noisy? How about investing in a quiet haven in your backyard? Design studio Koto, specializing in sustainable homes and cabins, has developed a new type of octagonal cabin to help you connect with nature while you work. The designers made sure that their construction is 100% carbon-neutral. The luxurious cabins are available to buy in Europe and North America for £26000, roughly €28700.

A height-adjustable desk to work standing or sitting

Working standing up can do wonders for your back, your blood pressure and weight management. It's also a way to stay focused while working. Several brands offer flexible desk solutions so that you can work in either position. The FlexiSpot range, for instance, allows you to work comfortably with an adjustable desk and keypad and is suitable for all heights. If you want to combine office hours with a workout, the brand also offers a cycle-desk solution. Products range between $119 and $500.

A laptop stand to work from your bed

For some of us, working from home means more hours spent in bed. If you like the idea of starting your day of work lying down, you can shop this affordable laptop stand that only costs €39.99. With different reclining positions, the foldable stand allows you to work sitting or lying down, as well as sit up straight for those important meetings. It can adapt to a desk setup, and it can even work as a breakfast tray.

An ultralight mouse

Tech experts give their seal of approval to this gaming mouse by Cooler Master. The new lightweight MM720 is perfect for gamers, but it also works well for office tasks. It only weighs 49g and comprises six buttons to help you multitask. It is also waterproof, in case you have a habit of spilling your coffee on your desk. The MM720 optical mouse retails for $49.99, about €42, in two colorways (black or white) and two surface treatments (matte or glossy).

A tiny office for work and power naps

Dutch Invertuals studio designed these 6-square meter corrugated aluminum and wood "tiny office" capsules for Dutch holiday park operator Droomparken before the pandemic, but they made waves in light of this year's work-from-home guidelines. Specially conceptualised with wide windows to avoid claustrophobia, these small but tall private offices are painted in acrylic colors designed to give the impression of expansiveness and boost productivity. They even contain daybeds for a short break or power nap.