Hollyoaks star Richard Blackwood discusses emotional Felix and DeMarcus story

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks star Richard Blackwood has shared his thoughts on an issue-based storyline involving his character Felix Westwood and on-screen son DeMarcus.

The father and son have clashed in the past when DeMarcus has resisted his father's demands for him to physically stand up for himself against bullying.

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This conflict will come to the forefront against next week when local drug dealer Taz tries to scare off Felix from opening his youth club by picking on DeMarcus.

Once Taz threatens DeMarcus's girlfriend Vicky, the teen does decide to fight back — and ends up in the hospital with significant injuries from the beating he receives.

Richard Blackwood has now hinted at conflict between Felix and his son when DeMarcus blames him for inciting the attack by threatening Taz and his drug gang.

"Felix adores his son but also looks at DeMarcus as his final chance to get it right as a parent," the actor explained.

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He then warned: "Felix will definitely want some type of revenge for Taz hospitalising DeMarcus! Whether he gets it is another story."

The situation could put the family's relationship to the test because DeMarcus comes out of the situation more determined than ever about his nonviolent outlook.

"We can expect some drama after the conversation between Warren and DeMarcus because Felix so desperately wants his son to remain at Hollyoaks and would be lost without him," Richard said.

While his relationship with his dad remains strained, DeMarcus will be supported in his stance by Vicky as she explains how proud she is that he doesn't rise to provocation by fighting.

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