Hollyoaks airs sinister twist in Peri Lomax story

Hollyoaks spoilers follow from Friday's episode on Channel 4 streaming, which doesn't air on E4 until Monday.

Hollyoaks has aired another sinister twist for Peri Lomax as the fallout from influencer Rayne Royce's murder continued to haunt the village.

With Rayne's followers desperate to bring her killer to justice, suspicions surround Peri as the incriminating evidence began to pile up.

In tonight's (October 27) Channel 4 streaming episode, Peri was desperate to prove her innocence, with her plans backfiring horribly after she argued with Rayne's fans at a vigil.

As the village teens worked on creating a film about Rayne's death as part of a competition, Peri was still reeling about the news that she bullied the influencer in primary school.

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Yazz and Zain later attempted to counsel Peri against confrontation after spotting her arguing with online trolls, telling her not to rise to the accusations.

"Show those fans the kind of woman that you really are," Zain said.

However, his advice backfired horribly after Peri decided to attend the rally in an attempt to clear her name, which ended with her lashing angrily out after being antagonised by the attendees.

"If I wasn't everyone's prime suspect before, I definitely am now," a despondent Peri told Hunter, Zoe and Yazz as they scrolled through social media posts from the event.

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Later on, Peri sat down to film a video telling her side of the story, unaware that an unknown person had broken into the house and was watching her.

After being distracted by a phone call from Leela, the figure swooped in and copied the video from Peri's phone before deleting it – leaving the nurse feeling even more vulnerable after realising she wasn't alone.

What does the intruder plan to do with the video?

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