Hollyoaks airs emotional scenes as newcomer Dillon Ray comes out

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Dillon Ray has come out to mum Aisha in emotional Hollyoaks scenes.

The teen recently turned up on Auntie Misbah Maalik's doorstep after falling out with his mum, though Aisha had no idea her son has been the victim of homophobic bullying.

In Thursday's first-look episode, Imran Maalik encouraged his younger cousin to open up to his mother about who he truly is.

Dillon decided to take Imran's advice, explaining to Aisha that he'd fled their home after an incident where he confessed to a male friend that he wanted more than a friendship.

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The teen explained that his friend reacted badly, leading to Dillon punching him after homophobic slurs and insults had hurled at him.

Aisha struggled with her son's revelation, though Misbah intervened to encourage mother and son to listen to one another.

Dillon told his mum that he's attracted to a person's vibe, no matter what their sex happens to be. Aisha refused to accept this, repeating the damaging misinformation that Dillon is only making a 'lifestyle choice'.

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"If it helps you understand, then you can put me under 'whatever' because that's what I am," he countered.

He added: "No matter what, I'll always be your son."

Dillon went to take his mother's hand, but she batted it away and insisted she didn't "recognise" him as her son anymore. Dillon insisted he's proud of who he's become, telling Aisha he's "not the one who should be feeling shame".

Misbah intervened once again to praise her nephew's bravery, telling Aisha that it's best for Dillon to stay with the Maaliks if she can't accept her son for who he is.

Will Aisha come around to accepting Dillon?

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