Holiday gifts for couples

Leslie Hunter for Yahoo Southeast Asia
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Calling all couples! Do you already know what you’re getting each other this Christmas? We asked five sweet pairs about what they plan to give their special someone. And from their answers, we learned two things: First, if you’re going to spend a huge chunk of your salary on your beloved’s present, forget about making it a surprise. And second, it’s important to be more vocal to your partner about exactly what you want. Or else, you might find yourself lined up at the mall’s return/exchange counter on Christmas day.

(All names have been changed to ensure a little bit of surprise on Christmas Eve for most of our respondents.)

Couple 1: Sherie (a caster), and Ron (a musician), married for ten years, with two children
What Sherie is giving Ron: “I’ll think of something when it’s nearer Christmas!”
What Ron wants: “A new pair of shoes.”

What Ron is giving Sherie: “I’m getting her the new Kindle because she loves to read.”
What Sherie wants: “I can’t imagine what he’d get me that I wouldn’t like!”

Does your partner want similar items? How about getting these:
World Balance topsiders for men, P999
Sprint sneakers for men, P299
Abaca storage basket for books (in case a Kindle is beyond the budget), P249.75, Kultura

Couple 2: Fran (a housewife) and James (a sound engineer), married for five years, with three children.
What Fran is giving James: “A pair of basketball shoes. He has so many already, but he really wants this certain pair. He keeps talking about it.”
What James wants: “Hindi ko pa alam, eh.”

What James is giving Fran: “I haven’t thought of anything yet.”
What Fran wants: “For him to surprise me. I’m really not that picky.”

Does your partner want similar items? Try these:
Adidas Adizero Crazy Light basketball shoes, P7,995
Reebok basketball shoes, P2,100.30

If you’re still clueless about what to give your special someone, how about jewelry:
Dangling earrings with gems, P2,000 and up
Silver hoop earrings, P490

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Couple 3: Patrick (a financial adviser), and Anna (a personal assistant), married for five years
What Anna is giving Patrick: “We’re going to Europe this Christmas, so that’s our gift to ourselves. We planned it together.”
What Patrick wants: “To shop as little as possible while we’re over there!”

What Patrick is giving Anna: “A trip to Europe.”
What Anna wants: “Nothing, because we’re already going on a trip.”

Are you and your partner also going on a trip this Christmas? Bring along this sturdy luggage:
Techno Pack backpack with pull-out wheels, P2,199.75

Couple 4: Stephen (an advertising creative) and Karen (a freelance writer), married for three years
What Karen is giving Stephen: “A sports watch, because it’s all he ever talks about.”
What Stephen wants: “A PS4. Can you try to drop hints that I want one?”

What Stephen is giving Karen: “An oven, because she asked for it.”
What Karen wants: “Nothing, really. He gives me good allowance every month to buy what I want, and he’s already taking care of my out-of-the-country trip early next year. But if you really have to ask, I’d like an iPad Mini, or more shopping money!”

Does your partner want similar items? Try these:
Veloci sports watch, P3,700
Ariston Indesit oven, P23,995.40
Polaroid mini tablet, P4,888
Apple iPad mini, P16,990

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Couple 5: Dino (an entrepreneur) and Dindin (an artist), married for 10 years
What Dindin is giving Dino: “Headphones. Because I can’t stand rap music, and he loves it.”
What Dino wants: “A sound-proof room where I can listen to my kind of music without my wife blowing my head off. She hates the music I listen to.”

What Dino is giving Dindin: “A bed tray. Dindin loves it when I cook breakfast for her. With the tray, she won’t even have to get out of bed to enjoy breakfast.
What Dindin wants: I want him to make me breakfast on Christmas morning. That’s it!”

Does your partner want similar items? Try these:
Bose Quiet Comfort 3 headphones, P18,183
Philips SHL3000 headphones, P1,280
Wooden bed tray with stand, P549.75

(Jewelry available at Silverworks; headphones available at Cyberzone; abaca basket available at Kultura; all other items available at The SM Store.)