'Hold the Dark' trailer: Could this be Netflix's best original film yet?

Hanna Flint

Netflix Original films have been rather hit and miss over the years.

There have been hits like Mudbound and Annihilation but far more misses like The Cloverfield Paradox, Ibiza and every Adam Sandler movie.

Now, with the arrival of the first Hold the Dark trailer, Netflix could be on to a winner.

Starring Alexander Skarsgard, Jeffrey Wright and Riley Keough the new thriller is set in a small town where the death of a small child sparks an eerie sequence of events that threatens the fabric of the community.

Hold the Dark stars Jeffrey Wright
Hold the Dark stars Jeffrey Wright

Hold the Dark comes from director-writer duo Jeremy Saulnier and Macon Blair, who both earned critical acclaim for their indie thrillers Blue Ruin and Green Room.

Wright plays retired naturalist and wolf expert Russell Core who arrives in Northern Alaska at the request of Riley Keough’s Medora Slone so he can help find the wolves who murdered her son.

Alexander Skarsgard plays a US soldier out for revenge
Alexander Skarsgard plays a US soldier out for revenge

Skarsgard plays Medora’s husband Vernon who goes on a vengeful rampage after returning from the Iraq War and learning of his son’s death.

The Swedish actor has a history of playing these rather volatile characters, from Straw Dogs to the TV series Big Little Lies, so one can expect an equally disturbing performance in Hold the Dark.

The trailer certainly brings to mind The Wicker Man as well as last year’s Wind River, so hopefully, the final product will prove to be just as intriguing.

Hold the Dark will be available on Netflix from 28 September

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