Hit Koreanovela ‘Sky Castle’ airs on GMA

HOW far would you go to protect your reputation?

Beginning Nov. 4, GMA Network brings the hit Korean drama series “Sky Castle” to Philippine primetime television. The show’s highly relatable characters, gripping plot, and the cast’s impeccable performances will surely take the Kapuso viewers to an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Considered as the most talked about Koreanovela of 2019, “Sky Castle” was also named as Korea’s 55th Baeksang Awards’ Runaway Winner and the highest-rating drama in Korean cable TV history.

The much-awaited Koreanovela on primetime, featuring a voice cast from seasoned Kapuso actresses, revolves around the lives of housewives living in a luxurious residential area called Sky Castle in suburban Seoul.

Lotlot de Leon lends her voice to Sarah Han. Married to an orthopedic surgeon with two daughters, Sarah seems to have a perfect life. However, she hides a past that she tries to escape from. Angelu de Leon is the voice behind Arleen Lee, who is a writer of children’s books. She holds a deep affection and consideration for people. She is married to a neurosurgeon. Chynna Ortaleza breathes life to Geleen No. She is married to a law school professor and they have two sons. Her husband talks about justice and happiness, but he hides a different side, one who has extreme egoism. Angelika dela Cruz will show off her voice acting via Ginny Jin who comes from a wealthy family. She admires Sarah and tries to copy what she does. She is also married to an orthopedic surgeon. Sunshine Dizon will be the voice of Korea’s most sought-after tutor Julie Kim. She’s strict, and sets a high standard in choosing her clients.

Coming from prominent families, they are all determined to make their husbands more successful and to raise their children like princes and princesses. They all have one ambition—to get their children to Seoul National University Medical School. They are willing to go to extraordinary lengths just to make it happen. However, right before the beginning of the school year, tragedy strikes the Castle community, turning everyone’s lives upside down.

Witness the riveting stories in “Sky Castle,” Monday to Thursday, after “One of the Baes” on GMA Telebabad. (PR)

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