Him Law: I only have eyes for my wife!

12 Nov – Him Law has dismissed the idea that wife Tavia Yeung was a jealous woman, saying that the actress trusted him a lot when it comes to his acting projects.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who was asked to clarify rumours about Tavia supposedly sending her assistant to check up on him on the set of his new TVB drama "Thorny Witness", said that the actress has done nothing of the sort.

"She only came to the set once, just to say hello to everybody," he said.

Him also stressed that Tavia has no need to spy on him, adding, "I only have eyes for my wife."

As for previous rumours that co-star Sammi Cheung was flirting with him, Him said that both he and Sammi treated the rumours as a joke.

"After it came out, both of us couldn't help but laugh at it. My wife doesn't even care about the rumours," he added.

On the other hand, Him admitted that he hasn't seen his wife for several days due to his hectic schedule, and hopes to take a short break from work following the drama to spend time with her.

(Photo Source: Tavia Yeung Weibo)