Hilton College Music is revisiting marimba hits and it's nothing short of fantastic

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Hilton College students playing the song 'Drive' at the 2019 International Steel pan & Marimba Competition.

Hilton College, a private school for boys, has uploaded some new videos of its marimba competitions to the web. Located in South Africa, the young students of the boarding school already made a name for themselves on the internet with their revival of a David Guetta title.

This week Hilton College's YouTube channel posted new videos of its group of student percussionists from previous competitions.

The private South African school, exclusively for boys, trains young students from level 8 (equivalent to eighth grade) to level 12 (equivalent to 12th grade) in art, in theater and music courses, sculpture and painting. Tuition at Hilton College is more than $20,368 per year, making it one of the three most expensive boarding schools for boys in South Africa.

In the recently posted videos, we go back to 2016, at the International Steel Pan & Marimba Competition, where these young musicians performed songs such as "Adventure of a Lifetime" by Coldplay, "Running" by Naughty Boy or "Variations of a Spring" on the marimba.

Sometimes more than just cover versions, the videos bear witness to the passion of the young musicians. Shouting, singing, dancing and choreography of all kinds embellish the sound of the marimba notes.

Hilton College came to fame for its remake of the song "Drive" by the artists Black Coffee and David Guetta during the 2019 marimba competition. The video posted in August of the same year, has accumulated more than 6 million views on YouTube to this day.