Hilarie Burton Says Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Will Be "Engaged by May"

Attention members in the Venn Diagram of People Who Love One Tree Hill and People Who Love Taylor Swift: Hilarie Burton has thrown in her two cents about Taylor and Travis Kelce and is predicting that they're engaged by May.

Retweeting footage of Travis adorably reacting to Taylor changing the lyrics of "Karma" to "Karma is the guy on the chiefs," Hilarie mused "They are gonna have the most flannel lined, pie and red ribbon kinda Christmas….and then these babies are gonna be engaged by May."

And in response to a fan responding with "Ok I guess it’s for real, she’s never done that for any other guy," Hilarie wrote "Because every other guy made her feel like she had to downplay her own work. This big ol beefy tree of a man is holding up signs and singing along! Catching her as she runs offstage?!?! Just saying….strong @JDMorgan energy. Get a man who lights up when you win."

Jeffrey Dean Morgan then chimed in with "I do love how invested my wife is in this relationship! And as far as Taylor and Travis? Good for them. Happy for both of em. I know that feeling they have right now… I’ve had it for 15 years, and It’s a good one."

And Hilarie responded with this gem: "My dude. I’m over here grinning. Hahaha. Come home so I can make you look at internet cuteness while we drink coffee in the kitchen!!!!"


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