High Performance: The Porsche Design x PUMA collection Unites Technology and Style

The PUMA x Porsche Collection combines Refined Style with Innovative Technologies and Novel Materials 

Collaborations between designers aren’t uncommon or outré anymore; cross-sector partnerships are taking over the throne. While they may seem newfangled or gimmicky, these industry crossovers could pack a hefty punch. Case in point: the ongoing (since 2019) PUMA x Porsche Sportswear Collaboration. Now, we know what you’re thinking – how and why did this partnership even come to fruition? The answer’s simple – the duo share similar design sensibilities and have the know-how each other lacks. By melding Porsche’s aptitude for optimising function and unparalleled craftsmanship with PUMA’s expertise in high-quality sportswear, the collections see innovative hybrid styles that boast a whole host of functions. 

As the collaboration brings the world of sportswear and automotive together, combining a passion for design with a passion for sports cars, the recent line-up amalgamates the philosophies and house codes of both brands. Fans of both are in for a treat. Materials found in the interior of Porsche models, such as high-quality carbon fibre, are manifested on trainers, demonstrating that function and design are not mutually exclusive. 

Honouring the ethos of PUMA and Porsche, the collection puts style and performance at the forefront. An example, the Porsche Design x PUMA RCT Jacket features an unorthodox glow-in-the-dark fabric, turning it into a style highlight; the jacket is charged by sunlight and shines brightly blue in the dark. Inside, technologically advanced materials, like Thermore padding, keep the body at its natural warmth. Innovative and ethically-designed, the outerwear also comes with a Seaqual lining, an environmentally friendly fibre made from recycled marine plastic. 

In addition to ultra-light fabrics, established materials and innovations such as POLARTEC, Eco down fibres, and the patented temperature-regulating 37.5 technology, Porsche Design and PUMA also tapped on new intelligent fibres and finishes. One of which – the high-performance COOLMAX that wicks moisture and enhances drying. 

For footwear, sustainability takes front and centre. Performance isn’t compromised, though; the shoes use algae-based BLOOM foam, a material that benefits the environment and is also exceptionally light, flexible and durable. A stand out: the Porsche Design x PUMA OCTN High encapsulates the vision of the collection, fusing motorsport DNA with an unmistakable silhouette to create a unique, rugged style. The Hybrid models also feature mesh made from 100% recycled polyester.

Whether indoors or outdoors, the goal is clear: to achieve maximum performance without compromising on minimalist and evergreen design that looks universally flattering on all ages and body types. Refined and confident, the PUMA x Porsche Design collection is made for the modern gentleman who expects uncompromising flexibility and performance not only from themselves but from their apparel to boot. These trendsetting high achievers always give 100% – in all areas of life. The Porsche Design sportswear styles keep pace with this cosmopolitan, ambitious lifestyle 24/7.