Here's Why Jenna Lyons Skipped BravoCon—in Her Own Words!

Despite the rest of the Real Housewives of New York City cast being in attendance, Jenna Lyons was woefully absent from BravoCon—which means she missed various important moments like Brynn Whitfield getting her heels stuck in an escalator:

Obviously, Jenna's absence ignited some speculation about why she was missing the event and what it all means, but she chatted about her reason for skipping BravoCon and it's honestly no big deal. Turns out she simply had other commitments due to being Jenna Fucking Lyons!

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet at the CFDA awards on Monday night (November 6), Jenna said "I had some things to do," and joked "I said some really important things to do, like twiddle my thumbs."

She then added, "No, I had an event and I had some other things that I had to do that were personal. And I'm preparing for—I have to leave tonight, I have to be on a flight so I just couldn't. It didn't work out."

She was also asked "did you miss being there" and apparently looked around without saying anything into that however you want!

Oh, and regarding speculation that Jenna might not be returning for another season of RHONY, Andy Cohen addressed everyone's concern at BravoCon and had this to say: “What I’m most excited about is that there’s so much momentum going into another season of the show, and they’re all a real cohesive group and we have something that you can’t make up and I’m really excited about it. I am confident that I want her to return and I hope she does.”

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