Here's Why Chris Brown and Offset Are Feuding All Over Your Timeline

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From Cosmopolitan

Chris Brown and Offset are two men with a lot of feelings. And considering said feelings are currently being spilled all over your Instagram timeline, you probably have questions. Questions like, y tho? And, no really, y tho?

In a nutshell, Chris and Offset's feud is about 21 Savage, who was arrested by the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (aka ICE) and faces deportation-but obviously it's way more messy than that. Here's a helpful timeline, full of ALL-CAPS DRAMA, for those of you finding yourself in a state of WTF.

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February 3, 2019

21 Savage is arrested by ICE, who blow everyone's mind by revealing that the rapper is actually a British national and his visa expired in 2006. The internet (including Demi Lovato) starts posting a bunch of ill-advised memes about his arrest:

There's a pretty understandable blow-back to these memes, including from Offset, who makes his stance super clear:

February 7, 2019

Chris Brown posts a 21 Savage meme and promptly gets called out by Offset in the comments:

Chris then replies in ALL CAPS, because regular letters Just! Won't! Do!

Oh, and he hits up Instagram Stories for good measure:

Offset then responds in his Stories, writing, "I aint really have too much rap for you on this social media shit but since that's where you wanna take it tell the people why you had your management reach out to squash the shit! Check my record and check yours only people you go to toe to toe with is women that's for lame n****s. Oh and btw Ima smack the shit out you when I see you!"

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So, how does Chris Brown react to that? He posts screenshots of his DMs with Offset, naturally:

February 8, 2019

Chris Brown devotes a hefty portion of his day to mocking Offset on Instagram:

February 10, 2019

The Shade Room captures this comment from Chris Brown, a man who is clearly not over the drama AT ALL:

Chris decides to bring Cardi B into the mess, saying "Ima send ya girl flowers so she know I respect her." Again:

February 12, 2019

TMZ breaks the news that police visited Chris Brown's home after someone called the LAPD to express concern for his well-being-especially given the fact that he apparently posted his address mid-feud. Cops reportedly showed up Friday evening, February 8, and were told by security that Chris is fine.

Anyway, that brings us up to date-but trust: this timeline will be updated with any response from Offset or Cardi B.

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