Here's What the Summer Solstice Means for Cancers — the Season's Cardinal Sign — According to An Expert

The summer solstice occurs on June 20 and Cancer season follows on June 21. See how the water sign will be affected, according to an expert

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Cancer Summer Solstice

There are four cardinal signs in the zodiac, which usher in a new season and signify new beginnings. Because they are spearheaders, these signs are often characterized as innovators, energetic, trendsetters and visionaries because they set the tone for every other sign that follows.

Aries are the cardinal sign for spring, Cancer brings in the summer, Libra comes with the fall and Capricorn closes out the year, bringing in the winter months.

With the summer solstice occurring on June 20 and Cancer season following on June 21, it's only natural that this water sign might feel a little bit more lively.

Below, we tapped Psychic Winston, premier astrologist at California Psychics to give us the rundown on what those who fall under the Cancer sign can expect during the summer solstice.

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Cancers will be energetic this season

Cancers will be more energetic during this summer solstice, especially because of the timing of it. This year’s solstice actually rings in Cancer season.

Cancers should go right in. They’re going to be more creative, more innovative, more inspired. Right now, their thought process is: “Why not me? And why not now?” They’re open to the possibilities of all things.

The summer solstice is not the time to be slowing anything down. At this point, it’s definitely time to turn up and ramp up—but at the same time, don’t be reckless.

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Because they are nurturing and so giving, Cancers are very susceptible to people who intentionally or unintentionally drain them, so they should consider being a little more protective of their energy. Being wise about who you give your energy is going to be vital during this time.

What should Cancers manifest for the summer solstice?

Cancers should be more focused on manifesting things that they feel they’re missing. But they need to try not to focus on material things! Focus on the things that you can control a little bit better. You want to focus on your inner peace, your inner strength—maybe exhibiting a bit more patience.

When you focus on manifesting things you can control, you have a better chance of finding more balance in your life. And the more of that balance and peace you’re able to find from within, the more everything else seems to truly come together.

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How will the summer solstice Cancers relationships?

The combination of the new energy and the nurturing nature of Cancers is going to cause these signs to really hone in on their relationships, platonic or otherwise.

They’re going to be looking to infuse more of themselves into their relationships and connections so ironing out old issues, trying new adventures and creating new opportunities to spend quality time are all on the plate for the water signs during this time.

As they become one with the energy of the solstice, they become truly locked into the idea of refortifying the relationship’s roots, and that’s where they'll really start to see a relationship flourish.

How will the summer solstice affect Cancers in the workplace?

As far as work life, Cancers are going to be a bit more assertive than they normally are. Tapping into that innovative and creative energy, they’re going to be focusing on what they can do differently. They’re not going to be the wallflowers at work, just looking to avoid conflict. Expect these signs to to be volunteering for special projects on the team, or throwing their names in the hat for a new position.

What are the best crystals for Cancers to have during the summer solstice?

Cancers should consider having two crystals on hand. The first one is called orange calcite. It’s a stone that represents happiness and power and has a lot of positive energy around it. Orange calcite is known to alleviate some stress, and it can be helpful in terms of manifestations.

The second crystal is aquamarine. This one is perfect for the summer solstice because it looks like Caribbean water. Its properties are powerful as well and it can bring calm and serenity, putting your mind at ease. The aquamarine crystal also encourages you to stay in balance.

Those two [stones] are the ones that stand out for the summer solstice—particularly for Cancer: the sun, the water.

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