Here's a puzzle game about a small dog with a very long stick

 Stick to the Plan.
Stick to the Plan.

Roberto is a dog. Roberto loves to carry around very long sticks, canes, poles, pipes, and other such extended, often cylindrical objects. This is Roberto's calling in life.

Your job, in Stick to the Plan, is to help Roberto get his sticks from one point to another. It's an adorably simple puzzle game from indie dev Dead Pixel Tales, and it focuses on funny new solutions to puzzles and weird twists rather than brain-burning difficulty. It's what I'd call a relaxing puzzle game, one that delights you rather than frustrates you.

Stick to the Plan is about 70 levels long,  and comes with an environmental ambient soundtrack that sets the mood for a relaxing, wholesome puzzling experience. It also has accessibility options, like bright outlines for Roberto and the many, many sticks. Illustrated comic bits outline a cute little dog story between levels.

Stick to the Plan is out now, and it also has a demo that you can check out on Steam or on If you've played it before, that might be because it's an expanded version of a jam game made by Dead Pixel Tales, Rocket Raw, Naburo, and Delunado back in late 2022 and released for free at the time. The full version is, predictably, quite expanded since that early proof-of-concept.

You can find Stick to the Plan on for $9.50, and on Steam for $12 (20% off until September 19.