Here’s How All the Powers Work in ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’—and Who Has Them

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Sooo Jupiter’s Legacy just landed on Netflix, and let me tell you: You’re about to binge this show so darn fast. I mean, it’s a series about powered families who’ve spent the past century fighting crime…how could the streaming giant possibly think people wouldn’t be obsessed with it? Also, they’ve had tons of success in the graphic-novel-turned-TV-show genre, so hey—what’s one more?

So the powers part of this equation is the slightly confusing thing. What exactly are all the powers, and more importantly, who has which one? Well, lucky for you, we are here to help. Here’s a quick breakdown on exactly which ones are seen throughout the eight episodes and exactly who does what with them.

Fair warning though: Some of the heroes do share powers, but hey—they’re family, after all!

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix


What it means: The power to heal themselves from any injury (can I please have this one???).

Who has it: Lady Liberty, The Flare, Skyfox, Chloe Sampson


What it means: The power to move objects (or in this case, people) around with the mind.

Who has it: The Utopian, Paragon, Chloe Sampson

Enhanced vision

What it means: Well…I think this is pretty self-explanatory. But also the power to see through things.

Who has it: The Utopian

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Super Speed

What it means: Um…we hope this one is pretty obvious.

Who has it: Chloe Sampson

Mind Control/Telepathy

What it means: Yes, we are well aware these are VERY different things in the superhero world. But given how in the show, the power to read minds tends to lead to mind control, we felt it would be right to keep them together.

Who has them: Brainwave

Force Fields

What it means: Incredibles fans may remember this one, but for those who don’t: It’s the power to create a bubble around yourself and not get hit by weapons or opponents.

Who has it: Chloe Sampson


What it means: This power actually shows up in various forms. Some of the heroes naturally have it, while others use a Power Rod to wield it around.

Who has it: Blue Bolt (Power Rod), The Flare (internal yellow energy), Paragon (internal)


What it means: The power to fly in the air in the middle of a fight.

Who has it: Chloe Sampson

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

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