Here's how to plan your parents' 50th wedding anniversary party

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02 Oct 2021: Here's how to plan your parents' 50th wedding anniversary party

Fifty years of married life is a milestone. And by the time your parents ring in their 50th wedding anniversary, you will probably be of that age where you are earning good and can plan a party to make the day extra special for them. So, if you are wondering how to go about it, we have listed some useful tips for you.

First step: Draft a plan, choose a theme, and complete pre-celebration works

Firstly, choose a theme beforehand for the party on the day you want to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary also known as the "Golden Jubilee." A retro theme would be the best as it may be a nostalgia ride for them. Over time, your parents might have lost contact with some friends or relatives. Invite these people and ask them to prepare speeches.

Planning: Make the anniversary party extra special with a big surprise

Fifty years of togetherness needs a unique touch. Make it extra special with a surprise. Book all the required tickets for a romantic tour for your parents without letting them know. Present the tickets during the anniversary party. You can raise the dinner toast with this surprise as well. While doing so, you can also reveal certain interesting facts about the entire tour.

AV treat: Compile all their photos, add music, and present it

Collect photos and/or video clippings of your parents beginning from the time when they were young. Start with their dating pictures, if any, and wedding snaps. You can then chronologically proceed to pictures showing them becoming parents, their other get-togethers, and the like. Compile them, add music, and gift it to your parents. Their reaction will be priceless and you will feel immensely satisfied.

Fun time: Make food the main attraction and engage in fun activities

The party is incomplete without including the favorite food items of the center of attention. So, ensure to have all your parents' favorite dishes on the menu. Whether they have it or not is a different issue, but they will remember this gesture for long. To make the party more fun, plan activities to engage everyone. Conclude it by gifting them an expensive item.

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