Here’s How Many Episodes of ‘The Bachelorette’ We’re Getting This Season

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If you’re on the full-steam train that is Bachelor Nation, then you know good and damn well that (1) there is never any getting off (SOS 😭), and (2) Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette premiered October 19 and boooy, did it get off to a juicy start! BiP kept us entertained through the summer, but now we are ready to cozy up for two hours once a week to watch Michelle date 30 men at one time find true love. Without further ado, here’s what you need to know about tuning in to the show this season.

When is The Bachelorette on?

Michelle’s season graces screens on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC—for a strong two-hour duration, no less. Tell your roomies to shut up or join you bc you’re monopolizing the living room weekly with this one, bestie. From the many teasers alone, it’s safe to say you—and your begrudgingly watching housemates—won’t be able to look away.

But JIC your Tuesday nights just so happen to be booked, don’t even sweat it. You can catch alllll the drama and producer-made dates the next day on Hulu.

WATCH The Bachelorette HERE

Wait, Tuesdays? Girl, you sure???

Yep! I know, it’s a little wonky this fall season. But since ABC also owns Dancing With the Stars and ESPN (which plays Monday Night Football), prime-time slots for The Bachelorette were already taken on that night.

Photo credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin
Photo credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

How many episodes will there be this season of The Bachelorette?

Nothing has been confirmed just yet, but we can make an educated guess from previous seasons. In the past, the show typically has 10 episodes including Hometowns, overnights, “Men Tell All,” and the finale featuring an “After the Final Rose” special.

Here are the confirmed air dates and times we know:

  • Episode 1: Tuesday, October 19 at 8 p.m. ET

  • Episode 2: Tuesday, October 26 at 8 p.m. ET

We’ll be sure to update this story once more details and episode dates are released.

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