Here's What You Need to Know About Living In A High-Rise

Here's What You Need to Know About Living In A High-Rise
Here's What You Need to Know About Living In A High-Rise

If you hate long commutes to your job in the city, then it makes sense to live close to where you work. Once you start looking for a place, you’ll notice that the housing stock consists mostly of low- to mid-rise apartment units or high-rise condominium units. This is because city land comes at a premium, so property developers have to construct multi-storey buildings to maximise profit.

You may be wondering what it would be like to live a bit closer to the clouds. Let this post serve as your High-Rise Living 101.

High-rise units come in plenty of sizes

If you’re all by yourself or raising a family, you’ll find a unit with enough space to suit your needs. Studio units usually have a floor area exceeding 20 sqm, which is just right for a single yuppie, whereas larger units have one or more bedrooms, making them more family-friendly.

Unfurnished units are generally more affordable than semi- or fully-furnished units of comparable size, but you’ll obviously have to buy your own furniture if you choose a bare unit. This grants you the opportunity to add more personal touches to your space than if the unit is already completely furnished.

Featured development: Lot 15 (Winner, Best Completed High-Rise Development) by Sime Darby Property Berhad

Made for working-class citizens who need to decompress, Lot 15 offers vacation-style units that feel spacious and welcoming. It also has shared spaces like gardens, a floating pavilion, and an infinity pool so that residents can socialise and enjoy a sense of community.

Condos have basic amenities, and then some

Condo units come standard with kitchen sinks, range hoods, and at least one bathroom. Units are usually already internet- and cable-ready. Additionally, the building itself will have elevators so you won’t have to climb stairs while carrying bags of groceries. On the lower floors, condominiums normally have convenience stores, laundromats, and other businesses, such as restaurants.

A note on elevators:

Waiting times can be painfully long if a building only has one or two elevators serving 20 floors or more. If you have young children who love playing outdoors, pets that need to be walked, or you’re the type who likes to spend time outside, you’ll want to live in a condo with multiple high-speed elevators.

Building administrators take care of security and handle residents’ concerns, such as plumbing and electrical repairs. Residents can also go to the admin office to pay their utility bills and association dues.

The fancier and pricier the condo is, the more amenities it’ll have. It may have a swimming pool, a gym, and rooftop pocket gardens that are free for residents and their guests to use. To illustrate, The Pulse Residence (Winner, Best Mid End High-Rise Development – Central) by BRDB Developments Sdn Bhd is a premier development that has been specially designed to help people with mobility issues to get around and features many green spaces, community gathering spots, and the rare pet-friendly park.

If you own a car, you’ll have to rent or buy a parking space separately. Consider yourself lucky if your landlord has an available space for you, because office workers tend to rent slots that are close to where they work.

Featured development: Beacon Executive Suites (Winner, Best Investment High Rise Development) by Aspen Group

Beacon is perfect for upwardly mobile professionals who are tech-savvy and eco-conscious. To illustrate, the Access App helps renters and owners manage who goes in and out of their units and offers them real-time mobile security alerts. The license plate recognition system makes parking easy and secure, and smart parcel automated lockers make receiving deliveries efficient and convenient. Furthermore, the entire building boasts energy-saving lighting, and it also has charging stations for electric vehicles.

The development also has amenities that promote co-living, such as social kitchens, swimming pools, and a library.

The views are spectacular

The higher your unit, the more breathtaking the cityscape tends to be, unless there’s another building blocking your view. If your unit does not offer great views, you can still go to the rooftop or other accessible vantage point.

Featured development: Rivercity Sky Residence (Winner, Best High-Rise Architectural Design) by KCC Realty (Winner, Best Commercial Developer) 

Currently in the planning stage, Rivercity Sky Residence will be 18 storeys high and boast views of the tranquil Batu Pahat River. The development will also have a meditation deck, a jacuzzi, and foot reflexology paths to promote inner peace and wellbeing, plus an infinity pool, an observation deck, and barbecue pits for socializing.

Condo living may mean less privacy and less social interaction, but only if you choose the wrong high-rise

High-rise units tend to have thin walls, so neighbours may overhear each other and suffer the noise others make. Despite this, people may still feel lonely, especially if the condo doesn’t have many communal spaces.

Fortunately, top-of-the-line high-rises like Parc 3 (Winner, Best Lifestyle High-Rise Development) by Eupr Corporation Berhad are specially built to counter this. At Parc 3, residents who wish to mingle with others and with nature are spoilt for choice on where they can go. They can socialise while enjoying sprawling views of Kuala Lumpur and the Taman Pudu Ulu public park, spend time with other families in the pool, and shoot the breeze with friends while strolling around the condo’s built-in parks.

Live your best city life by residing in a high-rise! Let our expert residential area agents help you pick the right one today.