Here's how you should take care of your pet bird

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07 Oct 2021: Here's how you should take care of your pet bird

Birds as pets are quite different from dogs and cats. Though they look beautiful, taking care of them can become a task. You need to clean their cage or house frequently, otherwise, they might catch infections, which would erode their feathers and affect their health badly. So, if you need a guide on how to take care of your pet bird, follow these tips.

Details: Are you a beginner? Know about some low-maintenance birds

If you are a beginner, you need to first learn about some low-maintenance birds to get started. Birds like parakeets, finches, and canaries, among others, are good to commence your pet bird adventure. Not only do these look pretty, but they are also small in size and extremely friendly. Some say parakeets can also be trained and made to listen to commands and talk.

Cage: Buy a cage that is sturdy, has enough space

The first necessary thing to give your bird is a good cage and/or a house. Remember the cage should be sturdy and have enough space for your birds to fully spread their wings. Additionally, inside the cage, have some toys and bowls to keep their food and water. It is also advisable to let your birds roam inside your house once a day.

Food: Do not give your birds dry and packaged seeds

Cages/houses shouldn't be kept under direct sunlight. A dry and cool area, where they would also get the warmth of the sun, works. When it comes to food, steer clear of dry and packaged seeds, as these may not meet your birds' nutritional requirements. Instead, give them bird seeds loaded with vitamins. Other good options include celery, spinach, parsley, fruits, milk thistle, and dandelion.

Tips: A few general tips to make your birds more comfortable

Some tips you should keep in mind to make your bird buddies more comfortable: -Never smoke in front of your birds as it harms them easily. -Give them access to a water source where they can go and take bath. Bathing is imperative for birds. -Wash and dry their dishes, bath areas, cages, etc. regularly. -Socialize with your birds. If possible, eat with them.

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