Hengdian World Studios closes its doors indefinitely

31 Jan – Around 13 films and television series have now halted production after Hengdian World Studios announced that they are closing temporarily until further notice.

As reported on Sohu, the film studio issued a notice saying that they have made the decision to close down the area to ensure safety and prevent from further spreading of the Novel Coronavirus.

These areas include the production base, as well as the studio sets.

Among shows that will be affected by the decision include the Law Chi Leung film, "Polar Rescue", which has already announced its temporary halt.

At the same time, several other locations around Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Chongqing have also closed down for similar reasons.

Industry insiders believe that the temporary shutdown may further affect that film and television industry in China and Hong Kong alike, which has already been in a dire state. The delay will also cost studios millions, and may bring down small film and television companies.

(Photo source: Eastday)