Helldivers 2 shows off some proper co-op gameplay as it gets delayed to 2024

 Helldivers 2
Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 gave us a fresh look at gameplay at today's PlayStation State of Play, and we finally got a proper release date for the game on February 8, 2024 - though that's sadly a delay from the previously announced 2023 release window.

The new trailer, however, showed off what appears to be the full gameplay loop, complete with the kind of goofy co-op player voiceover you probably associate with old Ubisoft E3 shows. (Personally, I think it's charmingly nostalgic.) The focus is on a battle with a giant bug boss called a Bile Titan, showing how players can combine their various abilities for a strategic co-op takedown. In a nod to how your co-op group will actually play, there's even a bit of teamkilling.

Between missions, you can upgrade your ship, weapons, and armor before choosing your next drop point on a galactic war map. The trailer ends with a supercut of various combat encounters showing off different planets and enemies, demonstrating what kind of variety you can expect from the action.

The release of Helldivers 2 is officially set for February 8, 2024 across both PS5 and PC via Steam. Pre-orders are set to go live on September 22.

At least one of my colleagues is willing to call the original Helldivers one of the best shooters of 2015, and after making fans wait the better part of a decade for a follow-up, here's hoping the sequel can measure up.

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