Helena Bonham Carter started acting to help deal with father's paralysis

Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter turned to acting at the age of 13 to help her cope when her father became paralysed.

The Crown actress' father Raymond, who died in 2004, underwent an operation to remove a brain tumour, which tragically went wrong and left the banker quadriplegic and partially blind. And the difficult experience left the star wanting to "invent (her) own life" - prompting her to get an acting agent.

"He was an amazing man with amazing determination. He had this alphabet board to talk with," the Oscar-winning actress told Britain's The Sun newspaper. "Instead of answering with 'no' or 'yes' he would answer in an incredibly long sentence. But he had depression and felt terribly guilty that he was a burden.

"My way of coping at 13 was I found an agent. I thought: 'F**k this, I'm going to invent my own life.' It was a refusal to accept what happened."

The King's Speech star added she believes her passion for acting stems from "dysmorphia", as she finds it therapeutic to "be someone else", explaining it feels like a "release".

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