Helen To finally open store for FUNGOLIA

19 Jun - After two years of selling her product online, Hong Kong TV personality Helen To is happy that her clothing brand finally has its own store.

As reported on Mingpao, Helen, who started the brand FUNGOLIA with good friend Calvin a few years ago, shared that they have always planned to launch their own store.

"But the rent is too expensive and we wouldn't be able to open the ideal shop that we wanted," she said.

However, the dream is finally realised as they launched their own store in Central.

The ceremony was also attended by Shine's Wong You Nam, of whom Helen was romantically linked with back in 2007.

Joking about their supposed romance, Helen said that this year marks the tenth year of their non-existent relationship.

"We're officially dating today. We plan to have some crossover product with You Nam. If the sales is good, then I'll get married," she said lightheartedly.

On the other hand, Helen revealed that she will be filming another travel show with TVB in September.

(Photo Source: hk.apple.nextmedia.com)